My Profession

When someone asks what my profession is I try to keep it vague, I explain that I work in IT, if someone wants to know more than that or is genuinely interested I'll go into the ins and outs of my daily tasks. What keeps me working in information technology? Some days its the satisfaction of writing a script that saves you a hour a day, others it is knowing that you are at the core of modern business today and without IT most operations would cease to exist. I'm passionate about making technology easy to use for everyone as a way to enrich our lives. 

My official title is Sr. End User Computing Engineer, unofficially like most of my IT brethren it involves a mix of everything from managing a project one day, to training the customers, down to troubleshooting that one piece of software that used to work but after the network upgrade doesn't seem to work quite the same way. Most of what I do involves the Microsoft System Center suite of software. I began working with System Center in 2009 and after realizing the capabilities of a solution designed to manage a limitless enterprise it changed the way I work. Instead of fixing a problem in an isolated instance I now make every effort to make what I've done repeatable, scalable and automated.